Maths Tuition



Maths can seem an impossible subject for children who are finding it difficult to grasp the basics in class. However, it is a vital part of our life as adults, whether we’re looking to understand our pay, measuring for DIY, or simply trying to find our way home with a map! With one-to-one tutoring, we work with our students to build a strong foundation in the core concepts, reducing the anxiety that can often make maths a sticking point for children. We aim to show our students that maths can be enjoyable!

Individualised lessons

With our one-to-one support, your child will soon grasp the concepts needed to feel more confident in class. We follow the curriculum to ensure that your child is well prepared for each topic. Unlike the common learning experience within the school system, your child can take as much time as needed to fully understand difficult subject areas. This will give them the confidence to excel in the classroom environment.

Building towards exam success

We know how stressful exam-time can be! Our experienced tutors will identify strengths and weaknesses as they work with your child. This will help bring real focus to what needs to be done, to help your child build towards exam success.

We also offer group sessions to help keep costs down and help our students build ‘study buddy’ relationships


Our service offers personalised, bespoke private tuition sessions which are completely unique and tailored to the student’s individual learning needs.


Our clients and students have quick, easy access to a range of specialist private tutors that live in Brent and the surrounding areas. They are familiar with the demands and expectations of local schools.


Our tutors are not only knowledgeable and experienced, they are professional, personable and passionate about what they do. The bedrock of our service is to ensure that our private tutors build a firm, trusting relationship with their students.


Private tutors will ensure that students are well versed and practised in all the key skills and all areas of the curriculum. They offer expertise in the core subjects that are necessary to imbue confidence in both classwork and exams.

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