We understand the challenges that parents can often face in making sure their child is getting the best from their education. At Hope Tuition, we offer a friendly and professional tuition service tailored to your child’s needs, to help them meet their potential.



Hope stands for Helping Our Pupils Excel. Hope Tuition delivers first-class tuition to students in Brent and the surrounding areas. Whether your child just needs extra support, or they’re working towards their 11+, GCSE or A-Level exams, our tutors will provide them with the solid foundation they need for success.


We believe that every child can reach their potential with the right support and guidance, regardless of their circumstances or background. By taking time to understand how each student learns, identifying gaps in their knowledge and providing valuable tools to succeed, we help our students to reach that potential. We believe that it is essential to engage them in the learning process and make it an enjoyable experience. At Hope Tuition, we know that the student-tutor relationship is pivotal in getting it right for every child. We work with them at their pace, in a way that suits their needs. It is our job, and our privilege, to provide our students with the learning skills that will take them through their education and beyond.

Offering Affordable Tuition
But isn’t private tuition expensive? Many parents ask this question of us, and are pleasantly surprised with the answer. We know that cost is a common barrier to private tuition, so we offer group sessions – as well as one-to-one tuition – to help keep costs down for parents. At Hope Tuition, we believe that private tuition should be an option for every parent, regardless of financial circumstance.


Our tutors cover a wide range of subjects. Click on a link below for some more information about just a few of the subjects they teach. Each tutor is carefully chosen on the basis of their qualifications, coaching and planning expertise, and ability to adapt their teaching style to suit the needs of each child. We know that any parent wants the best for their child, and we require the same commitment of our tutors before taking them into our Hope Tuition family.


All the skills and support students need to succeed in maths


Personalised tutoring is an essential part of a child’s development


Our 11+ tutors build skills through problem solving exercises


Science is about so much more than heart valves and inert gasses