Comparison of Tuition

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26 Oct, 2018
FeatureTuition in a centreTuition provided by an individual tutorTuition provided by Think Tuition
Is it personal to the student?Centres only offer a small range of subjects. As youngsters are taught in groups, they will only go at the pace of the learner who is furthest behind.A tutor working for themselves is only likely to be able to offer one subject area (eg. Maths). The danger is ‘death by worksheet’!Think Tuition offers personal tuition in all subject areas and all ages and stages. You can relax knowing that your child is being tutored by a specialist.
Is it convenient?Parents have to drop the child off at specified times, and at their centre.If the tutor visits your home it is convenient. But not all tutors offer this service.Think Tuition’s service is built around your busy schedule.
Is it safe?All centres will keep records of DBS checks.It is up to the parent to get assurances of DBS checks being in place.All Think Tuition tutors are DBS checked and vetted on their references.
Is it quality assured?Usually there are a small number of teachers involved in recruiting tutors. The danger is handing your child over to an unqualified sixth form student.If a tutor is working for themselves, parents have no way of checking how relevant or recent their experience and skills are.Think Tuition tutors go through a rigorous interview and vetting process to make sure that they can get the job done.
Is it founded on sound educational practice?Centres often rely on pre-designed computer programmes for learning.Individual tutors who are not up to date risk teaching children in an outdated way.Think Tuition is run by teachers who know their stuff, and many of our team are teachers. Our tutors are effectively supported to be the best.
Is feedback on progress is timely and accurate?Feedback is given after a number of weeks.This is up to the tutor concerned.Think Tuition tutors give written feedback after every session. This in turn is monitored by parents and Think Tuition to make sure progress is made.

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